May, 2016 - Time Rolls On!  I can't believe it... 4 more years have slipped by since I sat here to post an update.  Well, all I can really say is that each year gets sweeter and sweeter.  :)  Kenny & I are now more involved than ever at our church, leading a weekly small group and serving as Elders.  I'm also working part-time at the church as Ministry Coordinator and singing on the praise & worship team.  I'm happy to report that Kenny is still the man of my dreams ;) and he continues to amaze me with his strength and determination.  It's hard to believe that we've almost been married for 13 years--9 of which were spent with him on wheels.  If I had to sum it up, I would just say:  God has been faitfuful every single day!  Thanks for stopping by.  Hopefully it won't be another 4 years before I do this again..... :)     

2/6/12 - Happy Birthday, Handsomeness...  Yesterday my good lookin' Super Man turned 53 years old.  :)  And just one week ago was exactly 5 years since his accident.  Five years.  Wow.  I can truly say that THIS year we CELEBRATED that day!  It's weird, you know?  I didn't feel pain this year when "that day" rolled around; I just felt joy--joy that Kenny is alive and doing well!  THANK YOU, LORD!!!  You are so amazing... every single day.  :) 

1/29/11 - 4 Years...
I can't believe how quickly time has flown by.  January 29th marked 4 years since Kenny's accident. It seems like it was only yesterday; and yet it seems like it was a hundred years ago....  This year, January 29th came and went without incident--just the way we like 'em.  :-)  Although not an anniversary that we have 'fond' memories of, it is definitely one that makes our "Thankful Meter" register high.  Thank You, Lord, for sparing Kenny's life.  Thank You for giving us another day... another month... another year together.  We are grateful for Your goodness towards us!

12/17/09 - 'Tis the Season...  Wow... Looks like we've made it through another year---already.  And what an AMAZING YEAR it has been!  In 2009, we traveled from coast to coast, laughed a lot, shed a few tears, made new friends, enjoyed the company of family, grew a bit older and (hopefully) wiser, and most of all... we tasted of God's Grace again and again. 

Because Kenny faithfully works out 5 days a week, he has gotten much stronger and is able to do so many more things than he could just one year ago.  He can transfer himself independently, drive the van or his truck (with or without me!), and even help with chores around the house like taking off the trash and blowing leaves off the driveway.  Yea!  ;-)  His independence has also allowed me to become more involved in "extra-curricular" activities.  I lead a ladies' Bible study ("Desperate Housewives"), am actively involved in the Historical Grand Cane Society, and sing on our church worship team.  I can honestly say that we're lovin' life! 

The one thing that we have probably enjoyed most this year as a couple has been reading through the 1-year Bible together.  What a trip!  It's been a great joy to share that journey  together and watch each other grow in faith.  God has stretched us, spoken to us, and used us in wonderful ways as a result.  We're looking forward to the days ahead to see just what else He has in store for us! 

We love our home; it truly is a haven of peace and refuge.  We hope you will come and visit us in the coming year and see for yourself.  Let's make some new memories together in 2010!  And remember... life is short.  You never know what tomorrow holds so take time to SAVOR TODAY.  Merry CHRISTmas and a Happy, Happy New Year!!!  xxxo   

10/10/09 - What an Amazing Summer!! 
I can't believe Fall is here already.  Kenny & I had an incredible summer filled with new adventures.  :-)  We took our first vacation since his accident in January, 2007, and it was quite a trip!  He's always wanted to drive across the country, so we headed out on August 3rd for a 2 week excursion.  We drove across Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada... all the way to Lake Tahoe, California.  We stayed in a lovely, quaint cabin at the Sorensen's Resort.  Wow!  We were about 1/8 mile from my sister & her family, who stayed in a tent.  It was something to go from hot, humid Louisiana to crisp, cool northern California.  We even had to stop en route and buy me some tennis shoes (I only packed flip flops) and Kenny a sweat shirt (he only had t-shirts), when we learned that it would be in the 20's our first night in California!  Who knew we'd need the little pot-bellied stove when we arrived?!  Certainly not us!  We stayed for 5 days and had a grand time fishing, hiking and enjoying the beautiful scenery.  Then we pointed our van East and headed homeward... We took 6 days going home, back across Nevada and through Utah, Wyoming, down through Colorado, through Kansas, Oklahoma, northeast Texas and finally back where we'd begun.  What a fantastic way to see the beautiful county God has blessed us with!  It was a lot of work... no aides helping; but it was a precious and memorable journey that we won't soon forget.  :-)

6/18/09 - Bitter Sweet... 
Kenny & I flew back to Craig Hospital in Denver, Colorado on Sunday, June 14th, and we'll be there through Saturday the 20th.  (This is the rehab facility where we "lived" for 4 months after Kenny was first injured in 2007.)  Already I've experienced a full range of emotions.  Wow... interesting.   

First of all, we are so thankful for Craig and for the excellent level of treatment Kenny received when we were here.  I'm certain we were at the right place for his rehab.   It's the best!  We love, love, LOVE each of the doctors, nurses, therapists and aides who cared for us, trained us, and showed us that there indeed would be life after SCI (spinal cord injury).  It has been wonderful seeing them again and having time to laugh and chat and catch up on their lives this week. has also been a "walk down memory lane" that has been soooo different.  Just being here has brought back a flood of unexpected feelings--for me more than Kenny, I think.  It's hard to explain.... How can I feel both joy and sadness at the same time???  Strange, I know.     

How well I remember our first day at Craig....  It was cold and snowy and I felt so lost in this new place, so overwhelmed with information, so helpless...  I knew that God was with us and was helping us, but can I just tell you, it was the storm of a lifetime.  I know that Kenny felt safe; he was finally in the arms of people who truly understood his injury and were dedicated to giving him the best care available.  But I felt completely overloaded, not to mention, physically and emotionally exhausted.  Too many unanswered questions, too much to wrap my mind around, and too much heartache.  And so, I suppose that as I now look into the eyes of those who are just arriving, just beginning their own long journey, I feel their pain.  I see their uncertainty and their sadness.  What would we have done without the Lord as our Helper?  What will they do if they don't know Him??? 
I'm sure I don't know.  All I know for sure is that I'm so thankful that we didn't have to do this on our own strength.  I can't imagine it!  THANK YOU, LORD, FOR HELPING US TAKE EACH STEP BY FAITH!!!  Wow... it really has been a faith walk---and continues to be---each and every day. 

This week has renewed my resolve and revved up my engine even more to cry out to God for miracles and signs & wonders in the earth---not just for Kenny and me---but for others who are hurting all around us.  We are believing GOD for more...and it's on its way!!!!

2/19/09 - It's the Year of JUBILEE!! 
Well, maybe not for everybody, but for Kenny it is.  He turned 50 on February 5th!  (And, yes, he's STILL GOT IT at half-a-hundred.)  ;-)  He definitely made it OVER THE HILL in high style.  I threw him a big surprise party at a local restaurant and it was a HOOT. *Check out pics of the Birthday Boy on our Photo Gallery.*  He was totally caught off guard and thrilled to see our 3 grandkids plus many other family members, several guys from Calumet, and other close friends.  I was worn out from trying to keep it a secret for so long, but it was all worth it in the end. :-)  We're so thankful to be able to celebrate ANOTHER YEAR OF LIFE together!!!!  Wahoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!  :-) 

1/21/09 - Happy New Year! 
Wow!  Long time no update, huh?  Well, let me just say that sooooooo much has happened over the past 5 months, so I'll do my best to catch you up on what's been going on around the Mills' household since our last chat....  On August 29th we made the long awaited move into the "Mills' Mansion".  After having spent over a year in a tiny apartment, our big old house really DOES feel like a mansion!   The house is lovely and we are so thankful to finally be settled in.   *Check out pics of the move and of the "new" house in our Photo Gallery.  I've added 3 new slide shows!*   Once we "landed" in Grand Cane, the move may have been over, but the work had only just begun.  Boxes, boxes, BOXES!  (You've moved.  You know what I mean!)  Thankfully those "unpacking days" are now behind us and we are busy LIVING.  Kenny is working out 5 days a week in his very own "man cave".  ;-)  In addition to the standing frame, the upper body gym, and the rickshaw he already had, in November he got a new FES bike (Functional Electrical Stimulation) just like the one he used at Craig Hospital.  Wahoo!!  (With the FES bike, electrodes are attached to his hips and legs, and the electrical stimulation causes his muscles to actually push the bike pedals, thus rebuilding the muscles in his legs.)  He loves the bike and rides it about 5 days a week.  In addition to our regular home health aide who comes every morning (M-F), Kenny also has a male aide who comes every afternoon (M-F) and assists him with his workouts.  What a blessing!  I am still doing all of his weekend care, but we are thankful for wonderful help during the week.  That gives me some "free time" to keep this monstrosity of a house clean.  LOL!  And, no, for those of you who are wondering, I'm not back to teaching school yet.  There's just tooooo much to be done around here.  Besides, I'm enjoying spending more time with my Handsomeness these days.  ;-) 

We had our first big holiday here in November:  Thanksgiving.  And what a Thanksgiving it was!  We had Kenny's family over for a huge feast the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  Then we had my family over for feast #2 on Thanksgiving day.  Wow!  It is so AWESOME to have plenty of room for everybody.  Our first Christmas back in the mansion was also a blessing.  We even had a 9 foot live tree, thanks to our friends Jo-Jo & Re-Ron!  And then, we, like all of you, welcomed in the New Year.  What else can I say?  We are so blessed to be home... so blessed to be alive...  so blessed.   Happy New Year!                      

8/18/08 - We're on a roll!  We've been busy the last few days making things ready for the BIG MOVE.  Man, are we ever ready to get this party started!   Today (Monday), the painter is finishing the last bit of trim on the inside of the house.  Wow!  The colors look incredible and I can't wait to get in there and start hanging pictures on those big beautiful walls.  The windows will be cleaned on Tuesday (no small feat!) in preparation for the "window lady", who will be hanging all of the blinds on Wednesday.  We will also have a home inspection done by Workers' Comp on Wednesday.  Also in the weekly mix, the closet rods and shelves have to be hung and the skirting must be finished around the west side of the house.  The PODS--which have lovingly stored all of our earthly belongings for a year and a half--are scheduled for delivery on Friday.  Then movers will meet us at the house on Saturday and unload them.  WAHOO!!!  But that's not all.... Next week will be even BUSIER!  A Guldmann Lift--like the one we used at Craig Hospital--is being installed in our bedroom on Monday & Tuesday, the 25th & 26th.  Isn't that AWESOME?!  (You can see pictures of this ceiling hoist lift by visiting this link: and clicking on: products-->ceiling hoist systems--> Guldmann-->GH2-->Gallery.   Also, flooring still has to be laid in Kenny's workout room next week so his equipment can be delivered and set up.   The workout room also has to have an air conditioner/heating system installed.  Details, details, DETAILS!!  Kenny and I will still be living in the apartment until Friday, but we will be at down the house as much as possible, unpacking boxes and getting things organized.  (Well, OK... I'LL be unpacking and HE will be WATCHING!)  ;-)  Then we'll spend Thursday packing up things in the apartment, and movers will load us up on Friday (8/29) and deliver us to the Mills' Mansion by late that afternoon.  Then we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief!  Of course, there are still several things to be done at the house after we move in before it will be completely finished.  (On second thought, will it EVER be completely finished??  No, I didn't think so!)  Anyway, the landscaping is still in process, but should be done by the time we move in or shortly thereafter.  Horray!!   We're also having new brick steps put out front in the Fall.  Won't they look grand?!  So, as you can tell, we're both busy and anxious.  I'll be sure to add pictures as I have them.  Better yet, you'll have to drop by and see it all for yourself!  :-)

8/11/08 - "On the Road Again..."  
Last week we went to the DMV for Kenny to take his driver's test, and wouldn't you know it?  When we got there--nerves on end--the lady said, "You can't take it today because you must have an appointment first."  Ugh!  So we made an appointment and came back the next day.  That morning it was cloudy and looked like rain, so we prayed that the rain would hold off long enough for Kenny to get finished driving, did!  I've gotta say, though, that when he pulled out of the parking lot with the instructor in the passenger seat, I was a nervous wreck!  My stomach felt like a fleet of butterflies were trying to escape, but Kenny?  Well, he looked as cool as a cucumber.  After about 15 minutes they returned... then "click"... and he had his license!!  *You can see him proudly displaying this hard earned piece of plastic in the photo gallery. :-)    Once we left the DMV he said, "Thank God that's over!  I was afraid we'd be going out to the van and my worst nightmare would come true.... I would drop the keys!"  Well, he didn't and now he is, in his own words, "legal!"  :-)  

8/3/08 - He's Baaaaack!  Yesterday we took the van out  with KENNY in the drivers' seat for the first time, and it was exciting!  :-)  He drove all over the place so he could get the feel of things--lots of back roads and even on the interstate.  He kept saying, "I know I'm making you nervous, but I need to practice!"  He really didn't make me nervous because he's such a "pawpaw driver" anyway!  LOL!  No, seriously, I should take some pointers from him because he's always sooooo cautious.  I'm just happy to turn my chauffeur's license back over to him so he can start "Driving Miss Daisy" again.  ;-)   He'll take his drivers' test next week and then everything will be official.  But in the meantime, keep your eyes out for our green minivan and be sure to wave at the nervous guy behind the wheel!

7/28/08 - Clear the road!  We just got a call this morning letting us know that all of the adaptive driving equipment has arrived and is ready to be installed into our van.  This includes hand controls for brakes & acceleration; voice activated cell phone & radio; automatic windshield wipers; etc.  In other words, everything he will need to be able to drive our van with or without me there.   It should take a couple of days to get everything installed, and then Kenny will have to take his drivers' test to receive his new license.  Sooooo... by next week he should be behind the wheel again!  We are so excited about this next step in his (our!) independence.   I'll be sure to post some pictures soon of him in the drivers' seat, so be watching.  We can't wait!  :-)    

7/23/08 - We're Grandparents!!!  Can you believe it?!  Our 3rd grand baby was born on Monday, 7/21/08.  She's a beautiful little girl, 6 lbs. 15 oz, named Addison Nicole Woolley.  Kenny & I drove to Little Rock, Arkansas and spent two days with this precious little bundle and her big brother, Issac (3), big sister, Anna Grace (2) and proud parents, Whitney and Wesley Woolley.  We had a wonderful time getting some snuggles and can't wait to see them all again soon!!!  :-)

7/17/08 - Great News!!!  Next month (August, 2008) we will be moving back into our home in Grand Cane.  WAHOO!!  We have finally settled all of the issues with Workers' Comp and they've agreed to release the funds we needed for the house.  It was a long time coming, but thank you for praying with us to see that become a reality.  God has done great things for us--too much to recount!   Check back again soon for more updates.  :-)

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